How Science Olympiad Works


Science Olympiad is a cross-curricular, team-based, rigorous, science competition that encompasses all subjects and continuously challenges students of all backgrounds and abilities to strive for excellence in all of their endeavors.


Each team may contain up to 15 members who work as partners to fill a schedule of 28 different events (tests).  Tests cover every facet of science, ranging from chemistry to robotics to biology.  Every hour in the day, 2-4 different tests are offered which must be filled by 2-3 students from the same team.  While testing, the students work together on the same test to do their best.  Some students are maxed out and take a test every hour, while some only take one or two tests over the course of the entire day.  The number of tests each student takes is determined by an individual’s ability and desire for the subject matter.

Students prepare for tournaments beginning in September and ending in May, so they are actively engaged throughout the year.  Students come in the morning during common hour, after school for an hour, or both.  Some of the events cover items that are built prior to the tournament and then tested on competition day.  For example, students make a helicopter out of balsa and tissue which is powered by a rubber band.  On competition day, they have 2 chances to fly their helicopter to see which team has the longest time aloft.

Throughout the year, I watch as students cry, laugh, discover, argue, resent, excel, and fail.  I assure them that if they have not failed, then learning has not occurred.  Students who would not have known each other were it not for Science Olympiad bringing them together, become a true family.  They discover that they are not freaks just because they choose to study and take tests on the weekend.  They see other kids just like them from all over the state and know that they must not rest on their laurels, or they will be defeated.  Many life lessons are learned from competing in Science Olympiad.
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